What does the future of our industry hold if Democrats win the senate tonight giving them control of the Congress and the Executive?

Last attempt at this thread turned into a shit show. With the GA runoff elections to determine who controls the Senate going on, maybe we can try again.

If they win the 2 elections, I would be surprised if MJ wasn’t federally legalized. If so, what happens to the industry? Will smaller outfits be able to make it? Or will everything get swallowed up by multi million dollar companies?

What are your thoughts? Is legalization likely to pass if Dems control government? If it does, how will the industry change?


Let’s wait a few hours until the votes are counted.


What’s the time line you put on federal legalization?

And imo, it will end up being similar to how alcohol is regulated at the federal level.

I think it’s an inevitability regardless of which side controls the country within ten years.


I agree that it’s inevitable. But now I could see it happening within the year which has caught me a bit off guard honestly.


Eh, I don’t see a year even best case scenario. Maybe a reschedule at most.

But that’s just my opinion, which a lot of times stinks.


Well even a reschedule would have drastic implications for our industry no? Like what would happen if it’s made schedule 2 or 3? Then would FDA regulate everyone out of business and hand the industry over to big pharma?


The voter turnout has been exceptionally high this year!! It looks like there have been a lot of efforts to get Georgia to go blue.

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About 100,000,000 efforts (dollars) from out of state(mostly NY and CA) to dem candidates in Georgia


A reschedule is definitely a big deal, you’re right.

Tbh, I’m thinking a little small. The fda stepping in is huge.

I hope it’s not headed that way.


Lol this is the conversation I wanted to have in the first thread I made 2 months ago which turned into 5000 comments of people debating voter fraud and q anon shit lol.


A portion of our workforce is outta work or working from from home so they have time…

Time to vote


So, what I think SHOULD happen is its put into the same bin, legally, as alcohol.

Let each state regulate it how they will essentially.


Exactly! and on top of that they are fed the fuck up with our government so they finally feel their endless free time could be spent voting for change.

Reschedule will hurt the license holders in legal states much more than the BM. BM is BM and it doesn’t really matter. It’s those guys who paid millions for licenses and permits who are gonna be fucked.


The issue I see with that, which I admit is a rather selfish way to think about it, is that a lot of us will be out of jobs. If interstate commerce is allowed, THC becomes a commodity and only the largest operators and cultivators will be profitable.


Disagree. There’s a lot of micro breweries doing quite well. They don’t make Budweiser money, but they ain’t doing too bad. Same thing will happen with cannabis if the restrictions on entry don’t limit it to big tobacco and phama


I was going to make this example as well.

But @tetramethylsilane, I think what happened to cbd will definitely happen to the thc market one way or another very soon (5 years).

It’s gonna be rough for people for sure.


I guess this is my chance to say:

“Im glad im in CBD.”


Size of production and quality will always vary inversely. It’s like grocery store tomatoes, that’s the level of quality we get from international competition. They dominate the marketplace and they are horrible tasting. I don’t think weed consumers are going to tolerate low quality from big business production. There will always be a niche for the best product.


not everyone lives in a big city or near a ton of sellers of fire concentrates.

Its gonna be a long time before the home grower who takes their time with their crops to go out of business.

i know processors that run 5-10lbs a day. Run a delivery service in their cities and do very well!

there is a saying: there is always enough for the needy never enough for the greedy…