What do you guys use for small 0.3-5ml disposables? Tried a few and they suck...

Hey Guys,

I’m wondering if there is a particular disposable 0.3-5ml battery/cart combo that you guys have had good success with? I have tried ordering a few samples, but based on their performance with my product, I would not feel confident selling them to customers. I am using Rosin and trying Massterpenes Servm product.

My latest test was with a bunch of cheapish 5S C1 I got. The sample order sent me the smallest holes (1mm) and have not been all that great. First handful of hits were great but now I am not even 1/4 of the way through the tank and the hits are whispy, and I feel I have to really work the cartridge through multiple long draws to get anything at all from it. A real shame cause I was loving it at the start.

Anyway, can you guys help point me in the correct direction?

Good luck, my company uses distillate and cannabis terpenes. We have tried some… oh God, I would say at least 40-50 different types of .3ml disposables. They either worked well and had a massive fail rate, or were just outright terrible. Some of them are being sold as full ceramic, yet taste exactly like a wick, which implies they’re lying and it’s one of the hybrids.

Point being, if you find a decent one, let me know.


Same here!

There is a ALL glass Cart from BBTON and its a none metal cart, very slick and clean…also offers a 2.0 size hole for thicker oils…might be worth a try check it out your self.


I’ve been rocking the .5ml carts. A few others run them as well.

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I have been using the Ev1 from unite vapewear
They are Awesome disposables. Strong battery life and they take uncut disty at 90/10 no problem at all.

The problem really isn’t the boreholes it is the fats and lipids covering the heating element and preventing the heating element from doing its job, or worse over heating.

Jupiter for sure.
They do not suck