What clay to use in bf when going for gold

Was just wanting to know what people use in their boiling flask when going for a nice cold color.
What ratio?
I’ve used multiple things for clear but never had gold using anything in the bf

from what I understand, clay in the flask = isomerization

Gold color comes from good second pass and making the right heads and tails cuts, degumming helps


Scrubs help too. Use the clay in a scrub if you want to use it. I don’t really use them and get gold, but eventually, carbon and bentonite will be standard for me.


This particular disty got darker after it got winterized. We received it as first pass and not winterized.
Definitely needs something

Dilute in ethanol and winterize it . Then distill it again

achromatizing clay makes a nice gold with no other processing work but it’s a bitch to get off the glass

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And it also will isomerize your D9 to D8 which is arguably better medicine for certain reasons- but also an expensive way to getting it

Carbon and t5 at 2.5% each. Or some t41 will do the trick.

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My carbon scrub tech helps color tremendously check my picture for my avatar. When your crude goes in looking like that it comes out looking amazing