What can I do with this?

I have this polysciences ip60 team, I bought it as part of my SPD configuration, as an alternative to dry ice, now I think it can be used for other processes, for example to accelerate the winterized process. What do you think? that another use within the laboratory should give.


Yep that is nice gear
Winterizing cold trap or keeping bucket tech solvent on temp while extracting is what I use it for

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If you cranked that chiller probe all the way up and dropped it into a pre chilled solution I bet the waxes would stick directly to the coil.

How is that probe incorporated in your spd setup? Does it contact the vapor in the system like an inline cold trap or does it just cool your glass cold trap?

Mine is in the glass cold-trap
With an alcohol

Would be cool to have a probe that had a triclamp cap on it so it could be dropped in a triclamp cold trap and sit directly in the vapor stream.

Shouldn’t t be to hard I ll check if my probe by any chance is a snug fit
On any weld ferrule
But treuth is they are more expensive than savants and not as cold