What are you guys puffin on or working on this morning

Hey whats goin on future 4200 love the forum hope this post isnt frowned on just seeing whats up with everyone what arr you guys smoking on n working on this morning

waking up to some super tasty lemon cake here in southern cali

Just wakin up! Shoot I start at 4:00 am here to beat the heat! Ac gets expensive when you have air cooled chillers in a air coditioned lab. Anyway, Ive been dabbing this cookie htfse.

thats a wild plant growing right there, gets it’s nutrients from rinsing the dog water dish! Seriously! How’s that for permaculture!

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Mhmm that sounds tasty yeah i work nights so im up late is that a skillet tool brand dab stick you got there

I dumped my monthly supply of med into a flask with a mix of alcohol, methanol and iso. It is dissolved. When I am finished at the pool my groceries from Fred Meyer will be delivered by then with 12 pints of 99% iso too.

I will purge the unknown alcohols and boil in iso with a bit of water. Then I will chill that along with the delivered iso to -85C and cryofilter the waxes and chlorophyls. I will then centrifuge the result at 4000 rpm for 15 minutes pouring off anything not stuck to the bottom afterwards. Then I will LLE with hexane and methanol to remove terpenes. Then after evaporating solvents away I will run a first pass in the sublimator. Then a pass of the result through a DCVC column. Then another pass through the sublimator. I will wait one day then and after a pyrolysis run I will run a final pass in the sublimator. Plus I will test vape along the way.

Other than that I don’t have much planned.

If you are near Eugene let me know and stop by to help out if you like. I need a camera person!


Damn beaker, were in the same hood almost! Instead of paragraphs of dms one day we’ll have to get up and kick it! … I’m a decent camera man as well :wink:

yes sir!

Hell yeah @Soxhlet I got that same exact one same head and everything been lookong for the damn tho g for like 3 days now!

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Smoking on some live resin I made for a family member. Not a fan of their WW cut but it makes nice concentrates


The vids I want to do make more sense if shown me doing it with both hands but not from a fixed point. Lots of questions I get in email really are because I am holding the ipad cam in one hand and doing the action with the other.

Nice i had some ww live resin from raw garden other then thay havent seen much white widdow in a while

Just tape the iphone to your forehead


How about this idea… GoPro makes a mount called the “Chestie”. Those are really expensive. What’s not. Is the cheap $5 bootleg of it.

Then get a phone mount for a GoPro or tripod. Bam!!! You can film and have both of your hands free. You can put this together for about $10 or a tripod but I’m think getting to see what you see would be very beneficial.


I have one of those. It came with my gopro3 I bought to video my Harley rides. Imused my Gopro for a few shots of vids but the thing is meant for wide angle and works but the quality of the vid up close is not that good.

I am figuring it out though really. I have a few ipads and cams and such. Since my focus has changed to want to make better quality now and more complete
i am thinking of upgrading to a 360° camera setup for this stuff. I have not cared for my face to show so much on vids but will dispense with that security precaution and think I can get into some quality. Why not right? I am gonna start chemo soon and my energy will keep me at home more so I gotta play the cards I am dealt. If I am to be home more then it means more lab time and now is the time to put the shine on things a bit.

A bit of style over a cracked ipad might be just the ticket to make something cool. :sunglasses:


Just about to kick back with some Albert Walker ethanol shatter I cooked up last week.

I’m also running a second pass of distillate tomorrow. The first pass came out stellar!


Nice so that top slab is the finished product of just ethanol ran through flower?

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Yep. A couple of steps in between but ethanol was the only solvent.


Wow nice work im not familiar with ethanol myself

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