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User sign up is available. Participate and contribute to gain trust levels. If you don’t receive an activation email be sure to check spam / junk folders.

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Email confirmation was sent to spam as mentioned & link did not work but so far that has been the only hiccup. Very well done


Agree with that happen to me to. But Hey here’s my comment so it worked.


Because we’re a brand new domain Google is thinking this is a spam effort. After a ~week new users shouldn’t have an issue. I have been doing a manual activation of new accounts (hence why the activation link gave you an error, and you were still able to log in).

Thanks for your patience!


Absolutely. stoked about the new forum :raised_hands:

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Nice site guys. really appreciate the effort to share knowledge and I look forward to spending more time reading through your materials. Much love and appreciation


This is fantastic. I’m looking forward to sharing more papers and corresponding with engaging cannascientists.


great forum. looking forward to learning from everyone

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thanks for putting this website together! it looks good and functions great! loving the simple instagram like interface into a reddit style forum. you’re the new Skunk Pharm man. gen 2



Thanks for all your support boss!

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Awesome site. Thank you :heart_eyes:


Great Blogging Site
Some really smart people here (and some really mean ones)
T-Levels can run high (Sausage Factory)
Site is very stable (always running/no bugs)
Great Administrators

Here are my problems:

The black interface is difficult for me/prefer a choice of B/W
Finding the edit button to amend a post is not easy unlike almost every other site
I would simplify (dumb-down) the site-here is an example: https://stocktwits.com (non-cannabis) but you would change out the stock symbols for topics such as “Wiped Film Distillation”
Remember, 1/2 The members are stoned out of their minds…and the other half sell to the first half.


We prefer to use the word “medicated” vs “stoned”.

And so what if we partake in the green medicine. I work my ass off, 70% of the time "medicated ".

The site is very easy to navigate. Stick around, read, put some thoughts down in a thread, and it becomes even easier.

Iirc there is a. Itton to change from dark to light mode.

And editing is a breeze. I’m always on an android phone, I shot (literally!) My old 1400.00 laptop 5 yrs back and phone only use.

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