welcome @ataraxi

So my friend has joined us here
@ataraxi is of a different breed
He is a specialist in a different compound ibogain
He dedicates most of his time in treating patients with ibogain worldwide
And uses CBN as sleeping aid with patients :grin:
He is the writer of this book and has
A ton of knowledge of mind altering substances and interactions between them


Welcome to the forum @ataraxi. Thank you for your contributions in the furthering the use of botanical extracts as alternative to pharmaceuticals. I would love to hear more and talk about your extraction process, but no need to provide that elaboration here. Glad you have found help for patients with CBN as well. Plant medicine for the win!


Hi Guys,
Thanks for this great Forum.
We use all kind of Iboga Extracts to alleviate withdrawl-symptoms of opioids. Before and after the Iboga-Initiation we use CBN to make these Dudes sleep. Works good, and is much better than the typical pharmaceuticals…
We tend to use a full-spectrum extract of the Iboga Alkaloids and in some more severe cases we use purified Ibogaine…
The Plants help to heal and we are stoked to back this process with CBN/CBD/THC …

Mr. Dana Beal helped a lot and is still helping the Iboga Scene as well as the weed Scene…

For Extracting the Iboga Alkaloids we use an acetic acid solution to extract and Ammonia to basify… then depending on what we wanna do we either keep the freebase or keep on purifying.

Looking forward to read nice extraction techs and contribute in whatever way I can.

Keep up the great work.


My friends Mike Maki and Dennis McKenna are in the process of setting up an ibogaine clinic in Peru!

Welcome to the forum :call_me_hand:t3:

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THX Future,
I met Dennis on several Events. Friends of me here in Switzerland are also working with him… great guy.
Do you know a website for the clinic in Peru?
Also THX for the warm welcome :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


They almost certainly aren’t far enough along with their project to have a website yet, but you never know. I’ll ask!