Welch 8 Head Diaphragm Pump - 2163B-01 - Parts Only/Free

Item Model/Manufacturer: Welch 2163B-01
Description: Parts Only, or rebuilt yourself - see pictures
Price/MSRP: Free, pickup only unless you do literally coordinate all of the shipping/freight
Current location of item: Humboldt, TN
Estimated lead time: however long it takes you to come get it brother!
Fulfillment: pickup or figure out shipping
User support / Warranty: LOL

Got a used 8 head welch pump a few months back that arrived broken, got my money back, and now I have no use for this thing. It appears to need one of its heads replaced entirely, a new power cord, and the plumbing between heads probably needs replacing. Honestly, probably more than $1000 in replacement parts and I just don’t have the patience when I can buy like 2-3 used pumps for that price.

I am intending to lift zero fingers to help ship this thing somewhere, if anyone wants it for spare parts or to rebuild because they know these things are workhorses when functional - be my guest to come pick it up OR coordinate shipping 100% without my assistance, otherwise its got a date with my dumpster.

For the record, the pump will work if you replace those missing parts - it was only used on ethanol for a year or so, and these things chug away for years and years if maintained. The previous owners took OK care of it, up until they shipped it loose in a cardboard back like a sack of potatoes.