Weedutch Stole COA SCAM - Read Details

Good Morning everyone. I wanted to share this experience with everyone. The EU has been taking a COA that belongs to the following teams: Levit8, Bona Voluntate and Delta Technologies. It is HHCP with 80%+ R value. A truly awesome product. You may have seen Delta Technologies posting it here on Future. They are excellent people to work with and partner with, FYI!

Unfortunately many brokers in EU have taken this COA and claim to have same material for 25-50% less than cost to make. In essence they are either selling similar product that has not been properly third party tested or they are straight scamming people in EU. I recently found one company that may or may not be knowingly be using this COA, WeeDutch from the Netherlands. KCA has confirmed it was inauthentic and they later started spamming us on LinkedIn for claiming it’s unjust use. I was recently suspended but after second opinion they opened my account back up. Look below at the COA they redacted and ours. Furthermore, look at how they respond to me on email. “mind your own business” as they use our COA. Then come out with another redacted COA that has higher R value. No QR code again with a sketchy format that even KCA wouldn’t open to authenticate.

BV HHCP 005 - 80% R.pdf (574.1 KB)
HHCP CoA 07_22.pdf (689.1 KB)

Be careful, don’t accept redacted COA’s. If you sell CBD it is your duty to retest and make sure its authentic and even more importantly safe. It takes one bad batch to kill someone, then we are all going down. Be safe, do the right thing.

Here is link to the linkedin post if you want to show your support for this subject. Its not about stopping Weedutch but bringing awareness to this intolerable business practice.