I got a web plan set up now that I can post HD vids of any length plus now of course can write detailed posts and such. As of this post it is just one page but on this site too I can present engineering possibilities as well without stepping on somebody else’s blog. I am brand new to trying to do a website and sure enough within minutes tech support had to spend a half hour getting things to work. Times have changed lolz because they really nailed it quick and now page one is up!

It is 100% non commercial.


Nice! It’s like a new skunkpharm!

Sweet…i always love reading and looking at your stuff. Thanks for always sharing!

If you need any help, I am at your service. Your contributions here are enough payment for me.


thanks. Right now I am using their online editor and all is being done via my ipad lolz. the software takes just a bit to figure out but it seems to be at least learnable. About 40% of the stuff is stil a mystery hehe, like how the hell to insert a link even to say another site. It is there but not quiet as easy as say a word processor.

Requests from internet folks seeking to make their own stuff into refined material have neen trickling in via email before this site I put up. I want to do lengthy in depth articles of what I learned but that is it. The requests involving anything to do with processing in return for a cut and so forth or on site sort of consulting for a cut just get forwarded to an able and licensed sort of guy that runs a dispensary supply business but I do not yet know anyone with the sort of refinement that gets is clear. My contact and OMMP grower also offered a percentage lolz to help him get his process dialled for high ootency lolz. Good lord he even offered a cut to me just for the referral! With all htis wheeling and dealing for a “cut” lolz how does the farmer make money??? Odd thing too is that years ago as a patient I always dealt with the process. Latey for the OMMP stuff I get driven to the doc, they paid for the doc and my $20 militwry reduced fee too and then instead of paying them to grow to reimberse like before they through in for free a monthly supply for being a patient. Times really changed

The truth is I do not want to be involved in any way making money doing that. Happy to pass along info and contact stuff and such but I don’t see a good reason for me personally to take a cut of anyones stash or $$$ because my needs are met in the form of pension. Once the site went live I almost immediately got contacted by another patient asking for kits and stuff. That would be something too that I might help somebody, maybe your site, to build a kit but no way in hell do I want to deal with supporting customers. Once I get the kinks worked out and stuff it would be nice to have a concrete reference to pass along other than just a webiste url like your service page or ? but first I have to master the web build software.

Here is my mian page anchor picture. Very high purity dab and creative lighting and exposure… The visuals are so cool at times. It looks sexy.


Looks good, nice photography!

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Here is now what pops up on the blog part of thhe site. My blog is my posts only then comments section from a facebook plugin. I can include anyones article but my software is not like this site. I would have to post the article myself as admin and then folks could comment. If I ran a site like this the ip blocked list would quickly include most english speaking ip adresses nationwide (PTSD) so its best that way anyway, right :wink:.

Here are the rules of my blog on at the top now:
“Ask Questions, post data, and comment. Critique without criticism but carefully consider relevance to topic before critique and present reference. A policy of strict politeness applies. Comments will be selected for inclusion when these general guidelines are followed.”


I miss you, beaker. You were a blessing.

Does anyone have his videos saved? The website is now unavailable.


Damn they replaced it with an indian virus ad


@cyclopath i think has a lot of beaker files.


@sidco grabbed what he could. I was unable to get anything off the hard drives I retrieved & handed those off to @sidco as well

I thought we had an archive of what we had managed to scrape from the web around here somewhere.

Eg: Isolating THC