We love THC but CBD is only good for the CBD sellers, other than that it is worthless!

Let’s get real, anyone in constant pain like myself from a war wound will tell you, your CBD Salve, Powder, Gummy Bears, etc. are worthless as tits on a bull and has done more damage to peoples wallets than helped alleviate pain unless you’re a seller/manufacturer. Let’s keep it real and stick with the THC products something that’s actually medicine and really works!


Cbd and thc are the primary medicinal components of cannabis oil and have for the vast, vast majority of use by humans, been found in nature as a 1:1 composition


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I beg to differ.

I had been a card carrying medical user for over a year before taking my first CBD dab. I had told my doctor that THC was sort of working, I still hurt for as long as I could remember, but as I could only remember the last 5-10 min, it wasn’t anywhere near as depressing as it use to be…

that CBD dab had me pain free for the first time in years.

I’ve also watched a single CBD dab stop a severe Parkinson’s tremor in a matter of seconds.


I saved some poor ladies cat once

Anecdotal evidence is meh

This OP is clearly in pain Nd asking for help.

What can we do to help?


Thanks for sharing.

What kind of concentrate?


BHO. 75-80% cannabinoids ~20:1 CBD:THC.

although my fave was the 1:1 - 1:3 CBD:THC CBD/Blue Dream combo we sold as CBDBD once upon a time.


His bio noted he " fell in love with thc in 1969"
So I’m guessing not much.

@Liftdog what type of aches do you have?
Method of administration will be determined by your individual needs.
And CBD want help all types of pain, just like pharma meds want help all types.


@Liftdog Some of the products i gave u in hawaii were cbd based. U just need real strength ones not the cheapo weak ones u get in the store. I was appalled by the prices they had in hawaii, yes it was everywhere but 100x the price then it needed to be.
@MillerliteRN hes got pain in his hands and back from what i remember


That’s very true, in fact the earliest evidence for cannabis use (smoking THC, not CBD salve or gummies) was discovered in ancient tombs, traces of potent pot were identified in 2,500-year-old wooden artifacts buried with people who lived along the Silk Road in China, glad you’re hip to it. My point was simply without the THC the CBD alone does nothing to alleviate pain. I have tried most of the CBD products available in todays market to help alleviate constant intense pain and from my experience they have been worthless, the only thing they were good for was draining my wallet. This is just one mans opinion, you never heard that before? Huh? I don’t have a dog in this fight just trying to keep it real. I’ve used THC for over 50+ years it’s the only pain relief aid that I’ve found from the cannabis plant. Thanks for contributing Omni!

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Thetetraguy you were great and it was a pleasure to meet you, but to claim that CBD Salve rubbed onto a wound to say ‘it helps alleviate pain’ would be a stretch of the imagination and devoid of reality IMO. There’s no comparison to THC products which many of the the Forum Members here are skilled at refining which are proven to work for both mental and physical pain. Good to hear from ya!

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I feel a future in the echo chamber coming


If anyone thinks cbd doesn’t affect them, smoke some bubble hash…


The problem is dosing and the cost for said dosing. Purchasing a gram of CBD in oil as a tincture for $50 is ludicrous.

A 20mg dose of CBD is hardly doing anything for someone. Now a 200mg dose? That’s what I’m talking about. Or modulate your small CBD dose with a tiny amount of THC; now we’re getting somewhere.

Full spec CBD disty (approx 20:1 CBD/THC) seems to be a very therapeutic mixture. I know of multiple people using it to provide relief from chemo symptoms without feeling “high”.


I also beg to differ! I also have “war wounds” that are treated quite well when using cbd in conjunction with with D8/D9. Even by itself it’s helped me with my anxiety, and to control the pain. You get an OZ of isolate for like $50, or less. (I haven’t ordered in a while.)
I was able to come off of a total of 16 medications over the course of 18 months. I’ve also been able to come off of the buprenorphine that the VA has had me on for about 5 years. Currently, where I’m at I’m not allowed to use even thc free cbd tinctures, and I can tell the difference. They don’t want me to use THC, but are happy to put me back on the opiates… They’ve literally offered every single day since I have been here to put me back on that shit!

Either way, CBD works… It’s all anecdotal, but you seem to be the only person that NOT benefitting in some way from the CBD… That sucks for you, sorry


I’ve benefited in many ways from cbd personally.

I either smoke a palm leaf or pax3 with 1/2 isolate and 1/2 Legendary hemp from @shattertramp every morning/evening for the 15 min ride to/fro the lab.

Among other side effects I pace less, get quite a bit more done before lunch, and seem to be alot less frustrated with day to day situations.


Swelling from arthritus is hepled by cbd and so is epilepsy. Two of the biggest medical hurdles . No it doesnt get you high . Maybe you need kettamine, psilocybe and mdma therapy .


My wife has far better results with her back pain from CBD strains than THC. “Hot Hemp” of around 10% CBD and 4% THC worked the best.


I’ve helped out a tonnn of people with pain. 300mg cbd seems to be about the sweet spot. To say it doesn’t help for pain is seriously discounting a lot of people’s personal experiences lol

u probably just need to stop trying “custy” doses and get yourself on the medicinal level.

Any time I have pain I eat handfuls of cbd gummies and the pain is non existent in like 30 mins and Ive subbed that out for tylenol for years