Wax shatter HFS vacuum oven

Hey i have a HFS vacuum oven 0.9cu ft. i cant go down to 29.5hg, i’m using hfs 2 stage vacuum pump 1 hp. Do you guys know why? Do I need a better pump?

Where do you live? Does it hold a vacuum when pulled down and blocked off

Monterrey, Mexico. 2290 ft at sea level… and yes it does

Flush the pump out and change the oil. It should be doing much better than that.

Make sure you dont have any leaks as well

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Im thinking theres a leak somewhere
Check the plumbing on the inside and the gasket on the door


Thanks i am searching any leak, last time i used it was workIng very Well.,

I had one do this too. Turned out to be a broken gauge. They fixed it for free.

If it holds vacuum without the pump on there’s probably no leaks.

If a pump oil change doesn’t make a difference, then it’s the gauge.

You could test the gauge after these steps by buying a cheaper on and running it in-line before the oven and seeing if you’re getting the right numbers on the new gauge.

Yes holds vacuum there is no leak. Maybe is the gauge. Which Gauge/or pump you recomend ?

when I just bought it, it went down to 29.5 With no problem, the oil already changes and it remains the same it doesn’t even reach 28.5 it stays at 28.

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