Wax Extraction

Hi! We are working with our investigatory project and we need to extract bio-wax from our plant sample. Can you suggest a simple, cheap, and easy way of extraction process? Thank you in advance!

What are biowaxes? plant lipids?

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If you’re talking about literal epicuticular waxes, heptane would work pretty good for initial extraction, from there u can evaporate the heptane and dissolve the product in a 3:1 ratio of methanol to product. Throw the solution in the freezer and wait for waxes to drop out and filter to collect them.


Thank you! But can you further elaborate the procedures or if there is a site with the the procedures on it, it would be nice if you will let me know. thanks!

It would work the very same way any other extraction would work, you need to have your plant material come into contact with your solvent of choice.

Before I attempt to explain it further, what scale are we talking? Because the answer will vary quite a bit based on that factor.


Another possible idea would be a thorough cold ethanol extraction to grab cannabinoids and terps, then a hexane extraction on the depletes material, which should pull mainly waxes


the paper you redacted in the other thread looked to be the spoon we’re after here.

wondering why you put it away…

I didn’t realise I deleted it. I’ll fix it.


bush–mcinerney-2013-2410.pdf (3.0 MB)

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how about YOU elaborate on “bio-waxes”?

you’re asking on a board dedicated to extracting cannabinoids.
some users refer to the product as “wax”.
most of the producers go to great lengths to NOT have “waxes” in their final product.

are you asking for cannabinoids? or the stuff WE all throw away? If it’s the later, why would you expect us to have standardized extraction protocols for the stuff we DONT want?

without clarification (which your other threads could sorely use too), you are very unlikely to get a useful answer.

help us help you.

use a paragraph or two, and ditch “bio-wax” until you’ve defined it for us unequivocally