Wax being removed room temp in methanol and album test

This is extract fresh from the package and sat out at room temp for an hour or so. This will then be pulled through alumina prewetted with water. For small quatnitites it works 95% as well as fully winterize compound. I always go to this method as a first step because it fits it the flow of my lab set up in which methanol and water dovetail right into the next step wich is LLE with hexane, water, and methanol.

This is also a test to see if a google link will work.

The icloud album share did the trick for presenting a clean interface and a mix of video formats that just plugged right in with a copy past from the icloud album link. I included more here just to test but the good thing is I can selectively add or delete to the albums without messing up the future 4200 website guru. This album feature has huge potential to allow users to create custom pages while at the same time allows site owners complete control over what is seen. For so e reason Google album just never worked.


Beautiful, thank you

I really like your videos where you explain your procedures and your thoughts, very informative and enjoyable. Thank your for all you do for this community!
Could I ask you to elaborate on your methanol winterization? Iā€™m considering it for bulk hemp crude lipid removal.