Waters SFE Replacement Parts

So, my boss is hounding me to find replacement preventative maintenance parts for the pump and whatnot from an alternative source than Waters. Apparently, they’ve heard of people sourcing parts elsewhere, but, I’m not finding anything other than rupture discs.

My main concern would be the seals and the washers that sit behind them for the P-200 pump, considering that is the maintenance that is needed the most often.

Any suggestions? Sources?

@Sidco_Cat Not sure if this is up your alley or not.

@Sidco_Cat might still be a better help, I just have the google-kung fu
Might also get some results calling Waters and asking for their 3rd party distribution list, you could even find a local.

Searching the part number (700007688) is a good trick too.

Edit: http://www.waters.com/1/3/p200-pump-spare-parts shows
700007688 - P-200A Pump Preventative Maintenance Kit “plungers, check valves, seals and filters.” - I’d call them, this kit could include 6542 and 6543.

700006542 - Ring, P-200 Piston Seal, PEEK Backup
700006543 - Seal, P-200A, GFPM, Hvy-Med Spring

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That is almost the correct thing, the parts I need are 700006542 and 6543. 2 is the backup and 3 is the seal. I was under the impression that number would only be correct for Waters specifically.

Regardless, thanks, that gives me some new parameters to search with.

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I would also reach out to Beaker and Wrench. They have aftermarket parts for lots of things. Not sure about these specifically. @Lilibel would know.

Were you ever able to source these parts outside of waters?

I know the seal is a "spring charged rod seal’

Looking for cheaper alternatives myself.


Unfortunately, no.

I think ill try this one - 3/8 ID 9/16 OD matches what I have from waters.

Not sure how the PTFE will perform vs the GFPM

this suggests …

Advantages of GFPM
• Higher extrusion resistance than PTFE and G
• Higher wear resistance than PTFE, G and GC in air
• Lower friction than PTFE, G and GC in air

cost of $36 vs $145

will report back eventually.


any luck?

Well, yes and no. Worked for a a few hours but ultimately did not hold up for regular use.

Still looking for the gfpm alternatives