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Hello Gentleman,

I have been making distillate for about 5 months and have come a long way. I have just started r consistently making yellow distillate on my first pass but I have been seeing various companies post stuff that is literally water clear. One person in particular keeps posting pictures of his crude with the tag #watertek. I get standard crude very similar to those he posts pictures of and I am wondering what additional steps I need to do to improve my starting product. Here is my SOP

Dissolve crude in 200 proof ethanol on induction burner

add activated charcoal and a little diatomaceous earth 5% by mass of oleoresin

let cool to room temperature

pour through a tabletop buchner with a puck made out of bentonite/diatomaceous earth and a small amount of charcoal. pour repeatedly

Winterize until 0 c for 36 hours

pour through tabletop again to get rid of fats

then through a 2l buchner with a similar puck

product comes out a dark amber color.

then rotovap and into my short path

Here is a picture of my most recent (and best) first pass


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Man i really apreciate that. I never thought about letting the charcoal soak more. thank you

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Lots of people are using CBleach in flask for water clear tek. Looking nice without it though!:+1:

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You add the D.E to your mix?



It depends if you want delta 9 or delta 8

You can make water clear sometimes with just clay in the flask with BHO, itll be delta 8 though

Chromatography is necessary usually to get real water clear if you want d9



i use bentonite in my filtering. Do you use anything special for the d8 in the flask?

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