Water contamination

What do you do if your distillate accidentally gets contaminated with water? Any reccomendations?

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You could warm it up to over 100c. Depending on what you plan to use it for it may still serve it’s purpose.

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It’s plan is to be used in cartridges to be vaped. 100c will off the water without ruining the distillate?

I would pass it again. Without it being under vacuum at 100c + could eventually degrade the color

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I wouldnt go as far as actually passing the distillate over again, but throw it into the SPD again and pull full vac and bring it up to 120C then you should be good, i dont think its necessary spending hours distilling the thc over again.


pop it in the rotovap, boil the h20 off. Is it already in a rfb?


Awesome guys. I appreciate the responses. You guys definitely helped us get started in the right direction. We were going to boil it off at atmospheric pressure, now we’re going to throw it in the spd and boil it off under vac. Thank you again for all the responses and info!