water baths


Our lab is currently using stirring hot plates to aid in the mixing/dissolving of our extractor crude with 200 proof etoh as preparation for winterization. This process has quickly become a choke point for us. I have been told that using a water bath would be a better/faster way to go, but we have no experience with this. I would appreciate to know the thoughts on this. A few questions I have are:

What make/model of water bath would you recommend?
What is a good SOP for this? Temps, Use mason jars? etc.
Would something as simple as Sous-vide heaters heating a large container of water be acceptable for this?

Thanks for any thoughts on this!


You do not need to use any heat. Use a immersion blender for restaurant use and you can blend a whole 5gallon bucket in a couple minutes.


Thanks a lot! That was a “why the hell didn’t I think of that” moment for me :slight_smile: