Washington LCB Data

Hi all,

Does anyone have experience working with the Washington cannabis data that’s available through the LCB? I submitted a ‘records request,’ and they sent back several files, some CSV files and also a 30GB database file, but no information on what each table is, what grain the data is, and how to parse some of the column codes.

Does anyone have experience working with this data? Is there any info compiled somewhere about how to use that data?

Here are some of the file names they sent me (apparently it is the data up to Oct 2017, prior to the migration to Leaf Data systems):

biotrackthc_inventorylog.csv (34GB)
OctoberData.db (16GB)
biotrackthc_inventorylog.csv (<1GB)
biotrackthc_labresults_samples.csv (<1GB)
biotrackthc_inventorytransfers.csv (<1GB)

Thank you for the help!!

There’s a guy on IG named eisenetics_ that’s who you want to talk to

Thank you!!