Washing sand for chromatography

I’m running some chromatography experiments, and I forgot to order sand when I ordered the column media.

The sand normally used in chromatography is SiO2 of a known mesh size that’s been acid washed. It’s generally about €80/kg from the lab supply places we use.

However, I read somewhere that you can simply use coarse building sand, and wash it yourself for pretty much identical results. Given I’ll literally be using it to avoid disturbing the media when loading sample - my columns have frits - meaning I need all of about 5g for these experiments … I’m wondering whether anyone has any more information?

Is thoroughly washing the sand in my elution solvent going to be sufficient? Do I need to ‘acid wash’ the sand?

I have plenty of building sand, solvents and acids … just wondering whether there’s a cheaper and quicker way of doing this than waiting a week for VWR.

Sand can have a lot of junk in it, best to rinse it with a polar solvent, then nonpolar, then acid wash. Make sure you let it dry before the acid wash. You can use hcl, nitric, or sulphuric.