Warning! Do not do business with UGC Operations!

Warning!!! Do not do business with UGC Operations!!!


We sent four truckloads to UGC Operations for processing to distillate last October. UGC claimed to be a 40,000 lb per day lab. Eight months later, we got back a fraction of what the math suggests we should have and it was unwinterized crude, not distillate as contracted. Attached above are photos of the winterizing process we are now forced to undertake and truckloads we sent off. Other farmers who sent crops for processing at UGC Operations and had their contracts breached please DM me to be involved in this multi million dollar Lawsuit vs UGC Operations. We know there are many farmers who were driven out of business by the thieving and greed of the ownership group at UGC Operations. We are now compiling evidence and have attempted to negotiate this privately but they are unresponsive. At this point we think it is most important to inform the future4200 community of the contract breach to protect others from being conned and to proceed with legal action.


40,000 lbs a day and they don’t have any internet presence at all?


Weird, right? There’s some big players at that lab, though, and I’m sure @ZenLion wasn’t the only one using them. Hope this gets worked out soon. That’s crude is a mess and not even ready for making distillate!



Thank You for posting valuable information to the site. I like it when people prevent other people from getting fucked over from bad business ethics. :slightly_smiling_face:

-I’m not a farmer or anything of the sort but I wish you luck in your lawsuit and I hope you win.


There’s the problem right there, they’re using an ethos :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:



To be clear, I did try to mediate this. Ethos seems to have a small equity stake with Shryne, I’m assuming an equipment deal, but my relationship with Ethos didn’t seem to be enough to get me through to anybody in charge at Shryne.


I wish everyone could just team up and shove people like this out of the business entirely. A true blacklist.


Thats ballsy to deal like that with a bunch of farmers like that, and oh soooo shady. Hope you come out as on top as possible


Some people might want to cut their balls off for this… from ballsy to ball-less


That’s too fast, im sure there patient.

I have a chipper rated for a 20" log. I’ve been wanting to put pedophiles in it feet first…but I’d settle for those UGC guys. I have an excavator too…cover up the chippings…


Wow. My first attempt at making crude had way less fats. And I can be a fucking idiot at times.


Awesome I love the feet 1st part.


Time to expose who the ownership group of UGC Operations is and their affiliated brands.
Brian Mitchell.
James Kim.
Affiliated retail brand is Stiizy.


I can do a room temperature ethanol extraction with a four hour soak and there’s less bullshit in it than that.

I’m interested to hear/see what your your recovery from that shit is.


Is my math off here or would it have taken “like 5” days to process all that if they started right away? Maybe like a little longer but they claimed 40,000lbs a day, from wet farm fresh to crude, disty or broad spec.

I wonder why it took that long or is that part of being in a contract for tolling or something.

We sent those four 44,000 lb truckloads last October when distillate was still $3000 per kilo. The market was crashing and we needed to have our crop processed quickly so I chose UGC because of their 40,000 lb per day throughput claim. Knowing he would be starving out his farmer clients, Brian Mitchell insisted that UGC run 1 million lbs of only his biomass during the market crash so he could “get his money out of his 15M investment”.

There is no place in this industry for corporate greed of the magnitude of a Brian Mitchell and Shyrne Group.

(Shyrne Group, UGC Operations, Brian Mitchell, James Kim, Shyrne Group, UGC Operations, Brian Mitchell, James Kim, UGC Operations, Brian Mitchell, James Kim, :warning: warning!!! Contract breach!!! Affiliated brand Stiizy, Stiizy, Stiizy) Impending Class action lawsuit!!! All farmers who had contracts breached by Shyrne Group/UGC Operations please contact us to be involved and to recover your financial losses!!! We are now gathering the overwhelming evidence for this Multi-million dollar Lawsuit.


Wow, that’s crazy. I told Daniel Yi to leave MedMen as he seemed like a naive, but good egg. Really sorry that this happened to you.