Wanting to purchase bulk distillate in Michigan .


Must pass all pesticide tests . Please send a DM . Thanks !


did you ever end up finding this?


No not yet


I may be able to help if your still looking for this


Yes we are still looking


I work for a company in pahrump Nevada. I actually have 150 liters of crude that I can run for distillate, but company hasn’t found a buyer yet for it. They’re gonna sell crude instead… I make my money per gram, you would help me out by talking me and my company. I’ll do what ever I need to do show you I’m legit and the company.


I will say this for what seems the 90th time, WE CAN ONLY DEAL WITH PEOPLE IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN. We are state licensed and a strange rule lets us take in product from caregivers, IN MICHIGAN, until the end of this month.



good luck bro!


Im in Michigan, ill have bulk in a few (3ish) weeks. Ill do a full lab test as well.

Mmmp card holder


Im a caregiver and mmmp and have a few L’s pass all three tests…