Wanting to purchase bulk distillate in Michigan .

Must pass all pesticide tests . Please send a DM . Thanks !

did you ever end up finding this?

No not yet

I may be able to help if your still looking for this

Yes we are still looking

I work for a company in pahrump Nevada. I actually have 150 liters of crude that I can run for distillate, but company hasn’t found a buyer yet for it. They’re gonna sell crude instead… I make my money per gram, you would help me out by talking me and my company. I’ll do what ever I need to do show you I’m legit and the company.

I will say this for what seems the 90th time, WE CAN ONLY DEAL WITH PEOPLE IN THE STATE OF MICHIGAN. We are state licensed and a strange rule lets us take in product from caregivers, IN MICHIGAN, until the end of this month.


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good luck bro!

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Im in Michigan, ill have bulk in a few (3ish) weeks. Ill do a full lab test as well.

Mmmp card holder

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Im a caregiver and mmmp and have a few L’s pass all three tests…

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We are going to be operational by first of March and will be able to provide all COA’s and would love to be your supplier. We are working with LabSociety on all our equipment for ethanol extraction and will have a very high quality product to sell. We can have a purchase agreement sent VIA email whenever you would like in order for our companies to get acquainted! you can reach us at bestbudsbotanicals@gmail.com or my cell is 561-421-7910