Wanted: 80-90% Compliant D8

Looking for 80-90% compliant D8. Hoping to start a d8 cart brand and i have already acquired everything else except boxes. Let me know.

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Hi Premiumpacksfl,

We can help you out with the delta 8 situation for your carts. In the attached files is a picture and COA of our delta 8. Thank you.


Delta 8 COA.pdf (196.6 KB)

I just read your COA. If im not mistaken its 99% total cannabinoids?

No, it’s about 90% total cannabinoids. Somehow missing any d9 at those percentages, impressive.

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Oh i see the pie chart confused me

If that COA came back clean from KCA I would pay 1k per


I will be up loading more COAs this week. We have not tested at KCA labs. We sent this last sample to Aurum Labs in Durango Colorado. I have also requested a chromatogram. Thank you.


Been looking for this also. Let me know if you have a KCA COA!!!

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Off topic but that CoA does not calculate total CBG correctly… 316/360= 0.878

… secondary review fairy says close but no cigar

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I’m also on the lookout for compliant D8

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Yeah that Coa was from the very first batch we had back in April. The distillate that we have now is going to be gold and yes it is compliant. Thank you.


I currently have 4 liters left of compliant Distillate and they are going to be gold.
Thank you.


@kcalabs tested compliant?

No I have not had this specific Distillate tested at kcalabs.

I have what you need

Last coa I got from kcalabs was 94% d8 1.7%d9. Balance was cbn.
Not my best without further refinement to rid it of d9.

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