Want to buy - Ethanol Recovery System

Looking for an ethanol recovery system, as usual budget is tight but this is becoming a must have.

If you have something DM me the deets and I’ll see if 1. It will work for us andf 2. We have funds for it :slight_smile:

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Ok great for You to get better equipment👍
But members Will be of a lot more help If You give. Some specs on what You expect to process
Volume evaporater must handel ?
Is a work day the time frame or 24 hours ?
Some hints Will help in finding You the right machiene


25-50 gallons per day would be a nice start. I would like a system that could run 10-15 gallons and hour simply for the turn around times. I also realize at my price point thats probably a fantasy.

I have 5k to a bit more if it’s worth it. Spent more on my Heidolph but I just can’t get the through put yet.

Ok one more thing
Is evaporation under vacuum nessesary
What is the end product You wish to achieve ?
Undervacuum there is No decarboxilation
Thats why i ask

Always under vacuum! Solvent stripping without vacuum is silly :grin:

It depends on what you’re trying to use it for and the end result. If you don’t want to evaporate under vacuum you risk decarb and potential degredation to cbn (shouldn’t be significant), you could build that much evaporation on that budget.

If you want to run under vacuum you’re going to likely need 20-40k, depending on how clever you are, to build something like that. With a chunk of cost going to cooling to make sure the condensor temperature differential is sufficient under vacuum (just guessing, I’m putting 8k to get about 5-6 gal/h on my prototype system, I’m sure there’s people out there much smarter than me).

Where are you located?

I’d be happy to send you details on the last still I built. With a chiller? Or water to throw down the drain it could probably hit those rates.

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I’m in Portland. Would love to see the plans but I also have an older solvent still enroute.

There is a metal brewing store up in Vancouver that carries pretty much everything you need to build one though. I was leaning that route and feel sure I could build one for under 4k that would rock.

Just needed to start thinking about it and stop being lazy.

Under vacuum a 20 degree temp diff should work. Everything is jacketed so hot from the thermoscientific and cold from. Julabo. Done!


I Will have mine operational in a week or so so that Will give a cleu to speed
A magnet mixer is being made as we speak to give a stir
I wil have a 30 C still a -5C cooler and receiving tank a -30 coldtrap that also drips in the. Receiving still and a dry ice coldtrap before the vacuum pump
Check My pics on the tread

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