Want to buy 1liter distillate

Hi . I’m looking to get some distillate . Lmk what a liter running

Cbd? I have it available for 1500


I assume he probably means T free. As you can’t sell a random consumer hot disti

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I can if they are a co registered company :crossed_fingers::grin:

We are currently seeing distillate go for $1,250 - $1,500 depending on volume.

t-free or thc disty?

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How can I get a hold of some. My type of price
But I’m in vegas

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Pardon me for my dumb question, what’s exactly clean and dirty disti THC? Thanks

Dirty THC distillate needs pesticide remediation

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And clean is ready to go and fill into carts right? Thanks mate appreciate


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I’ve got really good pricing right now, shoot me a message, (541) 373 0358

Hey Pabs, do you also do THC extractions?