Vitalis SOP's and retrofit kits

Vitalis users come tell me your woes… I most likely have a fix for you.


Hello there! My team and I have a vitalis q90 that we operate, is this the machine you have pictured here?

R200 but let’s be honest, they are basically the same.

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@JonaaronbrayAzoth Ola, do you have a copy of the r200 manual ?

I believe I have a copy of the sops somewhere but I’d imagine you could contact vitalis and get a physical copy

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For sure, it’s not very useful. They don’t even tell you how to drain the machine properly, using their SOP you end up leaving a pound or two of dry ice in the bottom third of the carbon steel vessel. Definitely gets way colder than the ASME vessel coded would allow…


@Sirsmokesalot no reply yet, I suppose a salesmen would be quicker than the service dept, Ill try again.

@JonaaronbrayAzoth Yes I herd about that, also some problems with water in the condenser, freezing and popping the condenser, Have you had issues with that ? do you implement a blow down procedure each and every run?

I can’t speak on water in the brazed plate heat exchangers but I can tell you that the cyclone and separators can have alot of blow by which will accumulate and restrict the flow of the gas into the heat exchangers reducing the cooling power until the machine has difficultly keeping the pressure in range.

The cooling system is designed to defrost one heat exchanger while the other heat exchanger is in operation. The process of switching between the two heat exchangers is controlled by a PLC and the code is sloppy causing the cooling power to vary greatly during the extraction process. This kinda makes sense if you really have water freezing in the heat exchangers but if you have any oil blow by in the heat exchanger then this process is just heating the oil up to redistribute it throughout the heat exchangers.

If you drain the valve on the bottom of the storage vessel and get any oil out you know your heat exchangers are covered in oil.


@JonaaronbrayAzoth great info, thank you!