Videography Service for Cannabis Businesses (Michigan)

I have been growing as a cannabis caregiver in Michigan since 2013 and recently stopped growing to pursue other opportunities. I have been into film and photography for years with my fiancé, specializing in videography, video editing, and photography. We want to help cannabis businesses in Michigan and surrounding areas create content for social media and marketing.

We will discuss your goals and make a plan for how we can help. Services we can offer and have equipment for are video interviews, facility tour videos, product/plant photography, photos/videos edited for multiple formats (reels, YouTube etc), and more.

Full Transparency: This is a new business for Hannah and myself as a way to be apart of two industries we love at same time. We are willing to come film/photograph with no obligation to show what we can create for your business and if you like our finished work then we will start working relationship. Our goal is to build 5 consistent clients that we visit facility once per month to get footage/photography and then edit up content for business to have marketing content for entire month.

Contact us to set up meeting to discuss how we can help.


Great idea! Can you post some of your work or link us to it? Show off those skills a bit, and I’m sure there will be interest.

I have been playing around with some video editing, or at least trying to, and have developed a whole new appreciation for your craft. It isn’t nearly as easy as people think it is, that’s for sure.


Thanks man! We didn’t have any videos from Cannabis companies for a portfolio which is why I said I would come out with no compensation and if they like the work they can pay then (and I can build portfolio more quickly for cannabis related work). But I made up a short lifestyle video around the house after I saw your comment, I should have made this before I made the post. I will continue to share work on this thread as I get clients and make progress!


BTW this bud used in video I shared was grown by me in December 2020 so the color might be off a little, I corrected it in Color grade best I could. Also watch the video in 1080p. This was filmed on cinema camera which is why the focus will appear different then what most people use. Hope you all enjoy and give me some feedback! Cheers


I am currently working with a B2B equipment company that is looking for resources to help with copy, photo and video for technical content, mostly around vape carts and manufacturing automation.

We are still working on hiring freelance / side gig writers. Once we have those lined up it might be worth a conversation if you’re interested. Feel free to shoot me a DM to discuss.

Welcome to the future @scientificsourcery!

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alot of seed sellers need better pics. They take pics of unfinished buds? To sell seeds or clones it should have a full plant pics of 2 weeks from cloning and then a month into flower and finished and describe the pot size and lighting used

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