very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


you know otts must use super glue to get those large crystals lol! You know I might use a mix of both bleach and super glue on the next run! game changer tek!


Its really broken glass and terp sauce. Suoer glue would be a nice touch :rofl:
The comments on futures ig post are priceless!

Everyone he hasnt blocked should just report his profile for its innapropriate and spam, then hed loose the power


imma try that glass with the next run homie!:joy:


Really makes em sparkle if they break just right


When you mentioned in another thread people making a ton of money in this industry by catering to ignorance, this OG clown was one of the first examples that popped in my head. :roll_eyes::expressionless:


Well i got smart, instead of trolling o.g.cannaclown i dm everybody who commented on his post about bleach and his for sale post. Told them he was bs and this is similar to chromatography. Then linked crc thread


Dood lost it! Now he claims he blocks people who talk tek, cuz Mallboro or big industry people will see and steal it and shit on the industry! … (It’s open source, he must not understand what that is) :joy:


I got blocked for saying rosin has wax and lipids
He blocks everyone who doesnt believe his lies


i talked to him last night and got unblocked… I think the guy is just misunderstood. He wants the little guy to prosper but those days are almost long gone. Id rather just ignore it all. I spoke with dude for over a hour last night. Hes not the enemy…hes just playing one.


I run a 90 light about 30 mins from they guy his grow is 250 lights…he had no problem blocking me…haha


My lil grow is nothing compared to you guys.


Oh it’s not mine! I’m just the lead nutrient adder! Bahaha


And who tf wants to squish all them damn buds…


hey man, I have that problem EVERY SINGLE EXTRACTION! I have dried my fuel and all sorts of things to try and eliminate my sugar problem… This is one of the only posts on this forum where someone talks nucleation in about a 12 hour window… Why was that happening for you and how did you combat this… I can’t make shatter so save my life… I run pretty cold… @Dred_pirate

comment 807 i believe…


We have been discussing it in the crc thread


The only time that happens to me is when I have a live resin run that’s been dewaxed.

What temperature is your oven, are you pouring, or using a squirt spout.

What type of material are you using. What’s your process?