very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


He went through and deleted any reference to bleaching clay and absorants


It’s hard to impress me, even before we started to do this ish


There is certainly something to be said about freeze dried hash rosin. Its in a class of its own in terms of taste but the yield is risiculously low compared to frwsh frozen butane extracted.

With that said og cannabis still seems like quite a tampon as one of you put it.


But its full of lipids and waxes… he even says it in his comments that live is more pure but he is about to loose that market, and has to stay ahead, 1 step forward 2 steps back…

He honestly believes bleaching clay has clorox in it… hes convinced numerous people to agree

He defines tampon, a used one…


I seriously doubt he thinks bleaching clay has clorox in it… Lets just call it selective ignorance.

What it is in reality is a guy taking advantage of those less technologically inclined than himself. Seems to be very proud of himself.


Well call it what you will, hes leaving out key details and letting people believe false information
Its missleading and thats not something the cannabis community needs in any form…


I agree completely, i always felt rosin and hash was dirty


I thought that went without saying, there should be no room for these people in the industry. But seems like the consumers embrace him.


And I was saying that about rosin.


Someone chimed in on one of my posts or one from future. Saying they told him about using these types of powders years ago.


u know I think something is very suspect here!! I BET MONEY THAT IS NOT EVEN SOLVENTLESS!!! Hes got size 15 CLOWN SHOES>>


He’s probably just whipping everything into batter


It looks identical to our Batter! Im just saying…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Whats sad is that normal folk are defending him thinking everyone else is a tampon, meanwhile that guy is an extra heavy maxi pad.


He’s extra wide


As in his vagina. It’s extra wide.


Likely blown out on the back end as well. No cap.



Someone needs to get extract artist magazine to start trolling him


He’s completely lost market, that’s why when @Waxplug1 posted some fire looking crude on Instagram and asked what everyone’s crude looked like, og said his looked better than that because he couldn’t sell his slabs. You guys give him to much credit, tampons go in pussies, he is an enema…


:joy: :rofl: