very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


This was the quickest nucleation I’ve got! This was like 24 hours in the oven!


I have an aluminum billet plate that I keep in my freezer, all I’ve got to do is set my slab on the plate and yank down on one corner of the parchment and it makes getting under it and flipping the slab pretty easy.


So quick that way! It can get very annoying but that little trick works awesome!


Rookies. Hahaaha


:joy::fu: what’s the trade secret dred


I use Bret maverick slab flipping tek. It’s always worked for me.


I’ve gotten sugar overnight on many of my pours. My most recent one before I started these tests sugared by the next morning before I could do anything with it


Czars I have only had that one, and it was more crystalline then sugar! The grower said it was hot as shit in his dry room and was feted in like 4 days! I think it locked in the terps!


Good ole bret maverick! :joy: shoutout to the first guy giving tek out on YouTube! Bret you da real
MVP! Bahahah


I’ve noticed if I pour with more than desirable amount of solvent left in it, the cold reaction mixed with room temp it will pull humidity from the air, you can see the bubbles get foggy, everyone I’ve had with foggy bubbles eventually sugars so it could be a combo of moisture and terps…


Patiently waiting og cannabis reponse to the shot fired today! :laughing: I got that ‘og’ line you were putting down!


Lol, I definitely remember that scam


So I pack cellite and bentonite clay between filter plates and blast away? Please excuse my ignorance. I’m just trying to learn as much as I can.


Yea, celite should be at the bottom to catch the clay particles and should help flow rate. @SuperDuperStreetThug

Also I think the general consensus is just one filter stack beneath a short column is best because using multiple stacks in series creates a pocket of sir between the stacks that’s hard to fill. Also put some type of filter on top of the bentonite so it doesn’t get too disturbed when solvent makes contact.


Thank you @ScoobyDoobie. Is there an SOP?


It’s kind of all over the place but go to the indofab page @Soxhlet put one together.

Lots of good tips along the way. It’s a long read but worth it.


Im currently blasting year old greenhouse trim. It’s very amber. Hopefully I can lighten it up some.


It certainly will, in the indofab CRC thread soxhlet put together a nice write up which is more specifically for color removal.


I also need to get a dewax column. I currently only have a jacketed material column. I need those sock filters also.


Curious about test results before and after showing what was actually absorbed, not just color loss.