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Soxhlet showed us that his dry packed bentonite column (T5) worked and didn’t let any clay particles thru.
Maybe he uses celite on the bottom, covers that with bentonite cake and then celite.

This would significantly reduce the amount of waxes that is able to reach the bottom layer of celite thus is doesn’t clog up as easily.


I want a crc but I got a SPD in the mail so I got that to figure out and get paid off, cuz the crc is a pricey investment, especially once you buy all the powders and adsorbants etc, I’m just hoping yall start getting repeated results, I do think the crc is gonna be the easiest route to go inline


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I really do think it’s used as well. It states that it does exactly what he says.

Yes I’m agreeing with bentonite, as well.

And when I asked the guy in napa. That’s what he uses said he totally sees how it would work for concentrates. That’s what has me convinced it’s used.


I’ll take all the brunt of testing that I can. I just need a better way to pack my layers. I don’t have something solid to evenly pack it down with my arbor press.


Ya, I told our testing lab guy we were working on this and he immediately guessed it to be a type of clay, I should have picked his brain a little more, perhaps I will…


Cant you use a filterplate and a socket? I was thinking the filter plate honeycomb piece with a screen then a large socket to press, so I says hes only using about 300psi


It leaves circle dents where it didn’t press down giving the chance to channel. I then found a 3" plate that was flat to press against the honeycomb plate ring thing. That pressed better. With trial and error, I’ll figure out if I need to soft pack or hard pack anything. I could also stack them directly after my first filter plate. My 20 micron filter takes most of the fats and after that I could start staging absorbants. They would also leech through slower than traditional flow.


thats what i was going to try. i also thought about running tane through it and vac packing them the nite before with the celite patties


My first carbon experiment. I so used the wrong stuff. I had a few of the 3x12 columns together and filled that up with carbon and celite. Then after vac and what not. I prefilled it with solvent and when I had to flush, I ran my material column into the flooded column, then opened my collection and proceeded as normal.


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We’re actually not far behind the strong sauce tech thread. That one is only 1.2k


This whole video is very informative for anyone looking to learn more about dcvc, but skip to around 9:20 he demonstrates how to use vacuum to assist packing your column in a more uniform manner.

Edit: that’s actually not the video I was recalling where he uses vacuum to assist in the dry pack, in this video he wets the dry packed column then applies vac.


Haha yea and look at how far that one drifts away from the sop, which is literally the beginning.eventually all to come back to the original method… This one keeps trying also, I think we have a good list of materials, we just need to dial in order of operations and which ones work, the only other thing would be to try mixing the pvpp, or bentonite in after a celite scrub at the bottom of the column in the dewaxer then through more celite, maybe not stalling cryo, cuz he said celite does dewax


I reaaally want to fill the bottom of my dewax chamber with some of the pvpp and clay and when I dump, see what happens.

I may do that tomorrow with the pvpp and filter through celite in my filter plate. Then stage to 1m like I do


Achromatizing Clay, isn’t this very similar to t5?


wow You guys are making progress I hope to add some info with my own tests.:raised_hands:


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