very clear bho shatter (Definitely scammed) !!Warning to all hash lovers and makers!!


I read that part. He was replying to me on that one.


Wax replied to cryo about saying was plant base absorbent in the last sentence…

Cryo was replying to you…but cryo said he missed about the plant part… Right?


This is where I got it


Correct but I’m talking about something completely different I just added to comment!!!

I got to reading everything wanting to see if he went Inline,I stumbled on that…was saying it was just another derail


It’s not that big. And the clay will clog with the fats. Celite with trap them. Probably because he’s in a Bucher and doesn’t have the beauty of nitro assist and vacuum pressure.

@StoneD he’s not doing anything warm, he’s stated that he does it cold.

I was turned around by the plant comment. And brought back to it by @Dextr0 reading his verbiage like I did.

But bringing us back to the bentonite. I think you’re right. And possibly the pvpp with it too. I do think that can play a role.

I believe he uses the celite in his Bucher because it’s easier to create a bed and not slip around a filter paper.


So you think adsorbants and paper filters for inline??


Dred u and cryo missing what I’m saying…take the warm part out …

I only mentioned y’all’s comments bc it got me reading to see if he went inline…

Then I stumbled on where WAX told cryo that the absorbent is not plant based and we got derailed on that comment


Do u see what Im saying …not talking about that, something different I just found…someone please tell me why that doesn’t mean that the absorbent isn’t plant base by waxplug comment i posted… Help guys!!!

We have to sypher this one out or I’m ruling out “plant” base absorbent…for the fact texting led us astray!


Yea, he said the adsorbant isnt from a plant the wine is, his first comment on that was simply missing a comma, which would have made it be interpreted as it’s like cannabis, it’s from a plant, when referring to wine.


Damn Skippy…w ur noticing no inline and that bam…

I’m back to soxs crc bc the whole idea sketchy to do lol… But idk I’ve done a lot sketxhier!


Now with bentonite, I’m seeing it adsorbant rate increases from in the 20% to over 90% by increasing the ph of the solution


i was going to try 50% t5 clay 35% pvpp and 15% millipore in a 6x3 sleeve
with a 50um screen 545 in it own filter stack above and below 25um screen then 545, the 5um and finally 2um screens with my 7030 at -103 with my column frozen on dry ice overnight


I love it…his SOP in that thread…u just have to be able to read the clues!

I’m really hoping soxs crc just blows this out the water, bc I know he churning up all kinds shit!


I know what you mean


Didn’t he say that his filter had celite on the bottom and celite on the top as well?


if there are other powder suggestions you guys would like me to try let me know


Hmmm so you mean you gotta wet it with a specific ph?


yes he did


His absorbants are being caught by the celite Yea.
And yes, his punctuation and sentence structure is what threw me off and got me thinking of something else.


i believe you might be on to something with pvpp