Verified Hemp Slangers



when i do so i do not see any message box there


purchased from @nathanq

provided COA and company was professional. Will follow up with spot test results most likely.


Can you holler at me? I just posted a reply below but would prefer to speak with someone directly. Cheers mate.


About what?


I think @Dave_Adams95 is JimCBD.


Hey everyone, I’ve been shooting messages around to vendors and haven’t been getting much of a response so I figured things might be more lively if I posted it. I’m a So Cal resident looking for CBD Isolate. Currently just looking for a half kilo but am looking work with more as things develope. Have been looking to pick some up all week and would love to talk to someone with a COA and some time. Hope all is well in everyone’s hashy world and thank for your time.


We have about 50 kilos of CBD isolate we want to sell. We are based out of Tigard Oregon. Would like to sell local but willing to ship.


I sent you a message regarding this order. If you need it filled send me an email


I’ve just been asked to source 1mil # of Hemp biomass - please send over a dm if you have any available volume


“One million # of Hemp biomass” I can’t get over how that reminds me of frickin Dr.Evil



Please send me an email - would like to talk with you. - thx April


Do any of the verified sellers sell smaller amounts of CBD distillate?


How small are you talking about?


We are located just out side of Portland, Oregon.
If you need top shelf CBD isolate you have found it.


COA Yes.


Good Morning, I would like to be verified as well. How do we go about doing this?