Verified Hemp Slangers



so I posted looking for CBD in Oregon and none of these suppliers responded. Only people not on this list replied.

Seems odd is all I’m saying…


Did you DM anybody here?


I agree with @Future. There are way to many posts to keep track of everything on here. Someone DM all of us Slangers and I replied to the DM.


I am just waiting to be verified. We are here in Tigard, Oregon.


ok, now i know


Is there going to be a limit to how many people get verified? I would hate to see this site slowly just turn into a marketplace and not a information community


I think if future is gonna go around the country it should only be level 2 and 3 that can really take on orders. Just makes things easy so we dont end up with another Jim or just a bunch of people buying some CBD to send him to be a level 1.


What happened with Jim?



I always knew something was fishy about that guy. When you are posting on here every other day saying that you have absurd amounts of isolate, I just feel a small amount of desperation.

Sure, I love to use this site to sell my goods. But by no means, do I rely on this as my only source of revenue.

It’s unfortunate that people like this gotta come on this site and make us people who are trying to do legitimate business look bad.



In my personal opinion. If you are sitting on an absurd amount of Isolate right now, you are simply a horrible salesman.

There is no reason anyone should have a thousand kilos of isolate just sitting around, especially if you are selling those well below market price. When people tell me they have 1000 kilos they are selling for $4,200 I automatically disregard them as a scammer or a broker (which in my eyes are kinda the same thing)


Completely agree, I know a lot of people trying to sell undomestic product at those prices for 1000. No one ever has that much on the ground though. We have a two week queue for people to get any product and thats how it should be. Everything presold.


Looking for a new vendor to provide wholesale CBD gummies.
25mg per piece.
Looking for 3000 pieces per month.

Hit me up if you have em!


@qma @sidco and I are working on a stand alone site for slanging


i wish to be verified but how can i send my samples or the address at which i can mail my sample


Send me a DM


@future i dont know why i cant send you DM / when i go to your profile i do not see the massage box


We have a lab in Oregon and our warehouse is in Florida , we can send you sample


how i seem to find how to DM you via your profile


click his picture next to his name in this thread and then click message.