Verified Hemp Slangers



should we be concerned with the number of folks wanting to be verified CBD vendors that can’t seem to read?


yes, absolutly we should!


Hello we have a registered business in canada and we will like to be verified whats the process ?


check up thread…




Maybe the problem is they’re not getting all the THC out of their product?


I am looking for full spectrum cbd distillate with original terps. Dm me. Thanks for being awesome slangers



@Future I’m very glad you made a head thread showing a list if verified slangers and the steps needed to be taken in order to become verified. I have been flagging cbd posts that have non-verified slangers here and there. I just hope that the head post gets read by all those who plan on slanging.


I’ve shot two messages to Future asking to move forward with the verification process and have received zero response. Sitting in front of my wiped film right now, have my EIN ready for my Colorado-registered business that I’ve had now for over two years, a recent COA from a METRC-certified lab, and have a kilo of isolate and 5L of distillate next to me. :frowning: Would like to get this completed, as we’re expanding fairly quickly as new equipment arrives every week for the next 6-8 weeks, and we’d like to start opening up to new clients.


Maybe his busy he will get back to you just hang on


No way, the mods here are only allowed to be here at all times, and have no outside personal life whatsoever. Didn’t you know?

Joking, but yeah I do see my impatience now. Looking forward to it when it can happen


damn very good initiative
like the concept


Where can I submit my COA and documentation?


I’ve sent a PM needing the address – I have both a COA and biomass sample available that I’d like to get sent your way. :slight_smile:


I can send both Coa and samples ASAP. Please message me.


I would love to get verified! I have friends in Ashland, Oregon that have 20k lbs of 14.8% CBD, bucked and toted for sale! I would love to know how to expedite the process to get my sample to you!


What do the levels mean? I can’t find a breakdown.


Updated to show what the levels mean here. You can also search groups and get details about titles via the search bar


DM me