Various vapor pressure & condenser question



This seems basic, and it’s probably just the weed clouding my thought process but here goes.

Science fundamentals question here. But I’ve been noticing the differences with vapor pressure/volatility of chemicals and the energy to evaporate (I.e heptane boils higher than ethanol but needs less energy to Evaporate).

I’m curious how this relates to condensing the gas. If I had a 5kw chiller, would it condense the same amount of fluid? Is there a direct relationship between the condensing and evaporating energies required? Do you condense more of a high volatility gas in the same condenser?

Also, if you had a certain size of condenser are you more or less likely to over-run it as a function of vapor pressure?



energy required for phase change is the same in both directions.

it takes more energy to evap (or condense) a liter of water than a liter of ethanol. same for ethanol vs heptane.



Do you think that it might take a bit more energy to evaporate an ethanol solution than it takes to condense it based on the different inter-molecular forces being different with the presence of cannabinoids and other components? I dont imagine the difference would be very large, just a thought.



however, from what I’ve seen, most folks oversize their condenser slightly when compared to their evaporator.

I imagine that is because;

if at first it doesn’t evaporate, (you can) try try again.
if it doesn’t condense, you’ve lost it to atmosphere…

as a biologist I guess and iterate.
just like the intelligent designer seems to.

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