Various lab equipment (vacuum pumps and etc) for sale in EUROPE


Just cleaning my warehouse and trying to sell these below. I can send to anywhere in the world, delivery price is calculated individually.

Description: used and unpacked goods.
Current location of item: EU
Estimated lead time: only for transportation

1 x Becker VT 4.10 Single Stage, Oil free, Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump, 3 Phase, 50/60 Hz
Price: 1130USD
unpacked goods

1 x Two-stage vacuum pump Arcatec RS 3D

Price: 340USD
used goods

2 x Two-stage vacuum pump Arcatec RS 9D

Price: 515USD
new and unpacked

1 x Arcatec SL 18

Price: 666USD
unpacked goods

1 x Refurbished Edwards Vacuum RV8
Price: 2440USD
unpacked goods

1 x HC50/-40 chiller
Price: 5760USD
used one time

7 meters of GatesĀ® Plant MasterĀ® Steam hoses
Price: 320USD

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