Various Equipment for Sale (and more to come)

A associate of mine recently started a business, Longmont Tech Traders, in order to sell off the large amount of computers and surplus equipment he has been collecting. Although his website and online store aren’t up yet, the ebay store is open. I also had him list a lot of stuff on my behalf that I had laying around, so if you see anything you are interested in please DM me! I can post pictures here if requested, although I figured it would be easier to post a link to the ebay store and I can post additional pictures of items of interest. There is still a large amount more items to post up on ebay, more brand new HPLC colunms, brand new restek GC-MS columns, and much much more that will get added over the next couple of weeks.

Here’s the ebay store:

Items of interest to you guys will likely be the glass reactors and accessories, HPLC columns, autoclavable lab trays and accessories ect.
I also have a 1L chemglass reactor body that could be swapped with the 500ml to make it a 1L reactor setup.

All items available for local pickup in Denver.
Thank you for looking and please let me know if you have any questions!

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You have my attention.

He got a lot more listed up there, check out the ebay store and let me know if anything interests you guys. He just got a larger location, so there will be a moving sale soon! Almost none of the computers have made it up yet (lots of mint condition macs, cheap laptops/desktops, and everything in between!). There will be a few computers with chemstation preloaded on them, license included.

A part in particular this forum may be interested in, is this high vacuum stir bearing:

Both are brand new in box, although I may save one for myself to use.

I will of course make a good deal if you reach out on here, (save on ebay fees, as well as an extra forum discount)!

These wheaton bottle racks are perfect for the 40ml vials that most here use for HPLC/GC sample prep. I use the fisher 40ml vials with the pierceable septa top and it holds them perfectly. I also have a TON of agilent 2ml vial racks that hold the autosampler vials. Just reach out if you need any analytical thangs.