Vape Cart Mouthpiece Semi Auto Twister

My bud @edward_lel on IG shared this little trick with me sometime last year and asked that I share it with you guys.

And a link to the Amazon Source

Some sort of pressure activated switch for the rotation would be nice, but I had good luck with a cheap drill press at it’s lowest RPM. I considered building an Arduino setup but gave up on carts.


just to twist them on? The carts i use now just get pushed on till they lock in place which would be a much easier process to automate so there is always that option

Ya quite a few of the cart mouthpieces twist on

The challenge with automation is working with the plethora of cart designs.

That’s why those one size fits all sockets are used above :).

The socket driver can’t grab a cigar tip style mouthpiece

Gotcha. I see what you’re saying. You could use a rubber stopper or something of that sort perhaps.

Yeah, I’m not saying it can’t be done. Just there are a lot of variables out there.

i like the inflatable grabber concept if your trying to do many different carts. either one that goes in the hole and inflates for grip and traction or one that goes on the outside and inflates

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I can see it now, just factory lines of machines filling carts, twisting the tops on, putting the plugs in and boxing them up all in one conveyor line lol