Vancouver island extraction tech wanted

Peak Wellness Canada Ltd. is looking for extraction techs for its licenced processing facility. Qualified applicants should have experience in, or an interest in, solventless and CO2 extraction and processing methods, a solid work ethic, and the ability to pass a security clearance check. If interested, please email with a your resume and a short cover letter about yourself.

I’m just across the water, what a shame the border is closed

It’s not

Yeah, it’s not closed. If you have business in Canada they will let you across the border. (How do I know this? My buddy has product shipped from China into Canada for company, and he just made a pickup last week traveling from Alaska into Canada.)

Yeah, basically as long as it’s not for any sort of “leisure” you’ll get through

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Lol people take “leisure” time in 2020?


At least 50% of my 2020 has been “leisure” time


Sent you an email.

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