Vacuum pumps Edward 8, and Welch 1405

Item Model/Manufacturer:Edward 8 vacuum pumps 4-110v 2-220v 1 Welch 1405 all work good.
Description:all work good
Price/MSRP: $$1100 each
Current location of item:Portland Or
Estimated lead time: Pick up

Fulfillment: Drop shipped / Direct from seller
User support / Warranty: asis

stop making sales threads, please keep it to one and bump it

I thought all the posts I made yesterday got flagged and moved because I had the same list in the adds. I want to make sure and post correctly. So I was going to post without the list inside of the description. Could you direct me to where the adds I posted are so I make sure not to repost the same thing.

I only see 1 of my previous posts in the classifieds. Is there a limit to how many items I can post? I have a lot for sale, trying to put feelers out for it. Any guidance would be appreciated.

no, just don’t make a thread for each item

Gotcha, so I make 1 classified thread and put everything inside of that, pictures and all?
Question: every time I post a new item that is essentially an new thread?