Vacuum pumps broken?


I’m having the shittiest luck lately!
For some reason my vacuum pump collection has all bit the dust at the exact same time!

An eBay Edwards E2M18 is having issues on 220v and was smoking from the wiring (took to an actual repair shop)

In the meantime my ever so reliable other pumps have coincidentally stopped running as well.

This little diaphragm pump no longer pulls suction when a hose is attached (but pulls just fine directly off the pump?)

This vane pump just buzzes but doesn’t turn. I changed the oil, and tapped it somewhat lightly with a rubber mallet, but it seems stuck…

Anyone got any tips?

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Perhaps you would benefit from sourcing rebuild kits and or maybe just cleaning at least the first one up a bit!

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Lol yeah I was gonna pull the diaphragm one apart. Seems like an easy clean. Just wondering why it doesn’t pull vacuum (almost seems to blow air?) When it’s got a hose on the end

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I’m new to the spd world, but owned a pool repair company for a few years. On the 3rd pic, if the motor just buzzes and wont turn over, you need a new start/run capacitor. The case for 95% of motors not turning over. The cap on top of the motor is where its located. Pop it off, look at the uf rating and pop a new one in.


For the diaphragm unit, Its very possibly once you offer up the hose being attached it starts operating under some kind of load which it sounds like it doesn’t like.

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