Vacuum pump pallet

Not mine to sell but it looks like a good deal.

Looks like there’s a few alcatels, a
2 leybold d25b, and a few Edwards pumps. Maybe one of y’all can use, at $1400 a pump it seems to be a decent deal from a KY University.

I’ve bought a few pallets of pumps; most of the time they were ran hard and put away wet; but if you could rebuild them; theres money to be saved and made!!! That’s fursure


We’ve been buying a refurbishing pumps for 3 years. For the pumps on that pallet, this is WAY overpriced. I wouldn’t pay more than $4500 for all those pumps… MAX.


If you put some cash into some of these pumps, such as the d25b, you’re looking at making $1k-2k each pump. Even more if you do the refurb yourself. Just putting it out there for someone who might have a need for a lot pumps :slight_smile:

Rebuilt D25B - $3000 x 2
Rebuilt D16B - $1800
Rebuilt E2M12 - $1995
Rebuilt E2M18 - $2895 x 2
Rebuilt E1M18 - $2795
Rebuilt Alcatel2021 - $1599
Rebuilt Alcatel 2004A - $1295
Rebuilt alcatel 2033 - $2995

About 17K worth of pumps with no bids. I’m sure there’s someone out there that can either make a few bucks or haggle this down to a reasonable price.

I got a d25b comin back from a full rebuild this week if anyone is interested

Those proposed resale prices are waaay too high. You have zero idea what these pumps might need. How many of them have fried motors? Which one’s will have warped cases from being run too hot for too long? Do you have buyers for those specific models, especially at the price you’re proposing where they can purchase them from a well known rebuilder that can offer a legit warranty. I could go on and on. I’m telling you, this is NOT a good deal. You could buy these same pumps off eBay ‘for parts or not working’ for half the price, same day & it still wouldn’t be worth it… Which is why they’re sitting on eBay unsold for 3-12 months.


True that, well doesn’t bother me any. I came across them doing my rounds, I have no affiliation with anything in KY. Purchasing used is always a gamble in some regard, still figured I’d post it up. One could always inquire about the application and use if interested, there is a contact email.

What are you looking to get for the d25b? Where was it rebuilt?

It was rebuilt at technovac, still waiting for it to come back ill call hi today and get an eta. They usually seem to go for between 2500-3500 rebuilt, provac usually has the higher prices ones but im open to offers