Vacuum Pump Electrical Wiring

What power cable plug head do I need?
I’m installing my Agilent AX65 Diffusion Pump from Cascade. The instructions for wiring the pump’s fan says to “connect black and gray wires together for line 1,and brown and blue together for line 2.” No reference to ground. @Sidco_Cat

  • 115VAC 50/60Hz

Agilent’s Tech Support Group Electrician is calling you with the manual in front of him. He will have what you need. Let me know if you don’t hear from him shortly.


I received a call within the hour from Agilent’s tech and he quickly provided the information I needed to complete the task. @Sidco_Cat this is one reason I tell inquiring folks to go see you all at Cascade because your customer service is next level!


u aint lying, seriously next lvl lol