Vacuum grease on a pope

Is it common to have to use vacuum grease on a pope wfe systems joints? Pope told my client to use it and I’m kinda shocked that you need to grease a 150k wfe.

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I have zero experience with wiped films
But i was always tought to grease glass on glass vacuum fittings.
Popes are glass units correct

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Greasing the wipers…?

Like i said i have no wiper experience.
Are they connected with clamps and a gasket at the unions?

Greasing the wipers themself i know would not make sense

This is stainless and glass. I’ve never had to grease a wiper before, that’s why I was wondering if others have grease a glass wiper.

People can say what they want about Chinese wipers, but I’ll take a yhchem over a pope any day.

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Not the wipers but the joints


If it’s a ground glass connection then grease probably wont hurt but you could always leak test it with helium to see if grease is necessary.

Vacuum grease on a pope

technically, that’s alter boy joy


We have a 4” pope and we use a little bit of vacuum grease on the glass joints. Their design incorporates an o-ring so they should be tight without it, but we need all the vacuum we can get. Don’t overdo it, though, because the volume of the grease can cause the tapers not to engage all the way, which defeats the o-ring system and results in a poorer fit.


This might sound like a silly question since I’ve never used vac grease before, but where do you apply it, on the outside or on the taper before inserting?

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You always apply it on the male fitting

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Little bit of astroglide for it. I see , I see. That was my best guess. Still a first for me with wfe. Thx bro

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I definitely had to use it on the 2" I used to run. Any joints in the crude or distillate path I’d use distillate instead of grease.

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I usually grease the top third or so of the male joint. Insert and spin until a nice even layer is spread all the way around

Edit: Not specifically talking about your wiper just glass joints in general

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How do you do the helium leak test?
I am having leaks on my Pope 4" wiped film

Hit the joints with helium and watch for your vac levels to spike

I wouldn’t waste helium on leak testing! Helium is becoming very rare, it will probably be the first finite resource we see runout entirely within our lifetime.

The same effect can be accomplished with any volatile solvent, I usually use MeOH for such applications!