Vaccubrand and a PIAB

Vaccubrand 4C NT - Very low use, always well cared for. $2500 obo

PIAB piClassic - works perfect. Easiest way to purge a closed loop. Fitting included. $450 obo SOLD


Bump… Daddy needs some new toys …

Bumpin this shit.

Bumpitty bump

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Is the piab still available I’m totally interested? Also what size air compressor do I need for it?

Just grab a cole palmer

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If you still have the vaccuubrand diaphragm pump a month from now I would probably be interested. Right now I have other equipment I need to prioritize buying, and I don’t need this pump, but I would love to have it.
Leaving this comment here so that I can check back later, I really do love these pumps

It’s still available, It’s also in perfect condition and ready to run!

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still got that piab???

Nah sold the piab.

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