UV bleaching of chlorophyl

I now own a UV curing station that is tuned to specifically 405nm in the UV spectrum. After some promising trials today I set the cure for 60 minutes at a temp of 50°C. It is really cool to see new phenomena emerge and after I pulled this all down vacuum wise after cure I was surprised at how much gas emerged from first pass disty with some coloring still intact.

Based on this article I infer that this might indeed be a viable method of clarifying compound. Thoughts? The charts sure seem to indicate that at least for chlorophyl the 405nm region works to bleach. My theory is most color agents will too.

Now if I arrive home from coffee to discover a 60 minute cure at 50°C destroys all your medicine… well that will be a different post… Ideas? Thoughts? Outrageously overstated compliments? I am open to all. :sunglasses:



The process is Cool
Yet You are not extracting iT from your oil so not a real cleanup
And i used that same frequentie on thc
Giving me 10+ % CBN
In 72 hours
And starting with +_ 4 % CBN
So carefull
Other wise You are the man the greatest Among us mad sientist :grinning::pray:

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emerged from first pass disty with some coloring still intact
Explain more in detail please

I can remove bulk chlorophyll and I suspect other coloring agents like carotanoids but there is always still some left that gets driven up onto the cold finger and is especially noticable with first run distillate. Second run too can carry a lot of color but by then it is not so noticable. My goal is high clarity in only two passes but so far to get the really water gel looking stuff a third pass is normally needed for me.

I suspected a conversion to CBN was underway. My pilot runs did produce a change in color but I have seen this stuff enough to recognize that subtle shift towards red. Thanks for the data and the time frame as well. The idea would be to distill after UV cure to remove the byproduct but excessive CBN conversion is counterproductive for sure. It is nice to be able to bounce ideas off folks who know.