Utilizing a Hochstrom

Hey everybody,
I’ve been having issues utilizing my hochstrom setup from Summit Research. I’m currently using all three stages of filters at separate times, while using a magsil and alumia oxide during the third pass as a filtering media. I was happy for a while with the setup, minus a few leaking seal issues, but now I have noticed significant channeling around the outside of the filters, most notably on the third pass with the filtering media. Obviously the end goal is to make distillate.

Can anybody share some insight into if they are having similar channeling issues, or if I should be using any additional/specific filtering media to avoid this. Thank you!

When I winterize/filter in those filters, the same happens, I get a cake that looks like a truncated cone.

I’ve experimented with trying to compact the mass back down but usually this will gunk up and clog the filter.

With the leaky seals, put a little bit of Vac grease on the threads, this will help significantly.

I have been putting our Hochstrom filter through hell for at least 6 months, and it is holding up pretty well, still with the first rubber o-ring it came with too! I just make sure it is on really even and straight and will tighten it down pretty well. No leaks or issues. As far as filter media, I pull a slight vac when loading powder into the column, to prevent dust, and to make sure it packs itself down as well as it can while dry. While filling it, I also kind of punch in a concave shape with my hand or fist and let it rest like that with the vac on it. I also make sure I’m pulling vac on it before and as I pour solution into it, and this generally keeps that concave shape or flattens out.