Using solar charging kit for 12v batteries, use in greenhouse

Just built a new greenhouse and unfortunately I don’t have any power ran to it. Before I get trenches dug and wires ran, I wanted to use 12v batteries to power LED string lights just to prevent any preflower issues/control their schedule tighter. Has anyone had experience running this type of set up? Just want to know if anyone has opinions, but I might be better off running 600 ft of extension cords.

I figure two solar charging kits, two deep cycle batteries, two inverters and a set of string lights to each setup.

Use solar powered string lights off of Amazon. @Thetetraguy recommended this on another thread

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We are adding these to the greenhouse. 8000 lumen solar led parking lot light


Wow great find should’ve really just went to alibaba first. Going to order those flood lights right now thank you for linking.

A couple words of caution for OP and anyone else looking at this, first off is I would be very hesitant to run a consumer-grade inverter unattended, had a piece of shit Black & Decker inverter catch fire in my truck while I was using it, fortunately I was present to prevent it from burning everything to the ground.

Other concern is with voltage drop & auto-shutoff, many of the cheaper inverters I’ve used didn’t like putting out AC voltage when the vehicle they were hooked to wasn’t running, I suspect you’d have the same problem shortly after full charge was slightly depleted with a deep cycle battery.

I think you’re on the right track using something that is designed for lower voltage or self contained.

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