Using CBD isolate for edibles

I’m wanting to make some sort of brownie/cookie/bar and infuse it with CBD. Will simply mixing CBD isolate into the batter/dough (using a commercial mixer or stirrer) result in a homogenous mixture (edibles with the same amount of CBD in them)? Or will I have to implement an already-homogenized oil to achieve consistency?

The best way to achieve a homogeneous mixer with CBD isolate:
1 Heat your carrier to 65 C on a hotplate stirrer.
2 Add the isolate in the carrier, it will dissolve quickly.
3 Homogenize the solution with a homogenizer for about one for uniform cannbinoid potency.
The challenge will be getting the carrier to evenly mix in with the batter/dough, which is dependent upon the mixer/stirrer you’ll be using.

CAT Homogenizers

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